Natural Disasters

FFAAD will fully engage in humanitarian initiative to include victims of flood, famine and other natural disasters around the world, especially in emerging and developing countries.

Schools Initiatives

FFAAD donations received supports the construction of schools for children in rural areas throughout the world to give access to education to those deprived, provide school supplies and uniforms to impoverished children on the continent of Africa and contribute to the development of communities with healthy and knowledgeable children prepared to become global citizens.

Food and Medicine Initiatives

FFAAD Food and Medicine initiatives include providing food and preventative medicine to children, persons with disabilities, Senior Citizens, and other disadvantage persons in our Global society. 

Healthcare Initiatives

FFAAD is fully engage in healthcare initiatives primarily focused on the eradication of Polio and assisting in the fight against Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Malaria.  Our healthcare initiatives also include the developmental support of “Scientific Infrastructure” in emerging and developing countries to provide in-country abilities to react quickly to health crises.

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