The African Museum of Art and Culture is an Educational Institution whose programs are designed to enable visitors to gain insight into themselves and the several regions of the continent of Africa through the medium of original works of Art and Artifacts the Museum collects, displays and interprets. This collection and display of original works of Art and Artifacts are for the enjoyment and education of a diverse constituency and provide education in the Arts and Historical Culture of the several regions of the continent of Africa. Our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about The Foundation on a local and global level, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide educational and research assistance in historical African Artifacts


FFAAD implores all people to support us as we build this museum to display of original works of

 Art and Artifacts are for the enjoyment.         

  • The “Gateway” to the History of Mankind
  • Historical facts about the Leaders, Resources, and the People of Africa
  • Priceless Art and Artifacts that demands Worldwide attention and promotes tourism and Economic partnership between Nations
  • Flags of the Partner Countries at the Museum Entrance
  • Special attention to the Care, Display, and Security of the Art and Artifacts
  • Educational Relationships between Universities
  • Increased dialogue between Leaders

Unlike any other museum in the world!

  • 26,000 Sq. feet of exhibition space located on the second floor.
  • 4,000 Sq. feet Library and Research Lab.
  • 4 Independent Classrooms and separate children’s area
  • Large Theater adjacent to a Music Gallery
  • A Grand Foyer connecting to a Large Banquet Area
  • State of the Art Security System and Museum Security Office
  • Commercial loading dock
  • Gift Shops
  • Community Conference Rooms
  • Museum Administrative Office Space
  • Tourism Office

Advanced “Green Energy Technology”

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