Coffi Augustin Zinsou Executive Director/Board Member

Coffi Augustine Zinsou was born in the spring of 1967 in Grand-Popo, a popular tourist town on the coast of Atlantic Ocean in then republic of Dahomey, now known as republic of Benin. Young Coffi and his mother moved from Dahomey to Nigeria where Coffi’s daddy was residing. This is a common practice between people of many African countries, as the continent of Africa was partition by the European’s power during the period know as “Scramble and partition of Africa” in the 1900 century. Some of their kin’s men may be living in different countries, and it is common to see people moving between different countries.

Coffi had most of his early education in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended the prestigious boys’ college: Saint Gregory’s College, Lagos, Nigeria for his secondary education and he graduated in the summer of 1987. He moved from republic of Benin to United States in 1997.

He continues to pursue his higher education in the United States, and his Alma mate is Excelsior College, Albany, New York where he graduated with a degree. He is a veteran of the United States Navy for many years. He has traveled intensively all over the world; this experience has broadened his knowledge about humanity and how we should continue to make the world a better place for all. He has been awarded many awards for the recognition of his service in the United States Navy. Coffi is married to his sweet heart: Mercy and they have four children. Coffi lives in Norfolk, Virginia with his family. He is a very humble man and he does not like to talk about himself.